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Looking for wholesale toys for educators in bulk? We offer the best selection of sensory toys for special education, including sensory education toys and special needs toys. Our collection also includes early education toys designed to promote sensory development. Contact us now for great deals on bulk orders!

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Explore our wholesale collection of toys for educators! We offer educational building blocks, STEM kits, language tools, math manipulatives, social studies resources, arts and crafts supplies, sensory play items, and classroom management tools. Contact us for more details and bulk pricing. Elevate your teaching experience with our diverse range of products!


Our products embody professionalism with meticulous design and educational expertise. They are crafted to meet the specific needs of educators, fostering engaging learning experiences and supporting effective teaching strategies. Trust us for professional-grade products that elevate the educational journey.


Our products prioritize safety with rigorous quality standards and adherence to industry regulations. Rest assured, our products are designed and manufactured to ensure the utmost safety for students and educators alike.


Our products are built to last, combining quality craftsmanship and durable materials. We understand the demands of educational settings and have designed our products to withstand rigorous use, ensuring long-lasting durability for extended periods of educational engagement.

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I’m an adult on the autism spectrum….
When I put the vest on, it feels like I’m getting the best hug ever.


The Chillspa and Action Rooms are helping our students with self regulation, which then carries over into the classroom learning.

Beverly Bernstein
OROT Educational Director

We always have a great experience with Fun and Function and refer parents to your site. Most of all, we love your weighted compression vest since we see the biggest change when kids wear it.

Melinda Lunn, OTR/L
Cross Therapy Services, Fayetteville, AK


Our toys are designed to cater to a wide range of age groups in an educational setting. We offer products suitable for early childhood education, elementary school, middle school, and even high school levels. Each product will have specific age recommendations mentioned to help you choose the most appropriate toys for your students’ developmental stage and learning needs.

Our toys are carefully crafted to align with specific learning objectives and educational standards. They are designed to promote various skills and knowledge areas, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, fine motor skills, language development, mathematical concepts, scientific exploration, social-emotional learning, and more.

By engaging with our toys, students have the opportunity to actively participate in hands-on experiences that reinforce educational concepts and encourage experiential learning. Our products often incorporate interactive elements, manipulatives, puzzles, and games that foster cognitive development and enhance understanding of key educational topics.

Furthermore, we strive to provide accompanying resources, such as lesson plans, activity guides, or curriculum integration suggestions, to assist educators in effectively incorporating our toys into their teaching practices. This ensures that our toys not only serve as fun and engaging tools but also contribute to achieving specific learning goals and meeting educational standards.

Yes, our toys are designed to be versatile and adaptable, making them compatible with various teaching methodologies and curricula. Whether you follow traditional teaching approaches, Montessori principles, project-based learning, or any other methodology, our toys can be incorporated to support and enhance your chosen teaching style.

Our diverse range of toys caters to different subjects and skills, allowing you to integrate them seamlessly into your curriculum. They can be used for individual, small-group, or whole-class activities, accommodating different instructional strategies and classroom dynamics.

We understand the importance of flexibility in education, and our toys are designed to provide educators with the freedom to incorporate them in ways that align with their teaching methodologies and curricula, promoting personalized and effective learning experiences for students.

Certainly! We offer comprehensive support to educators, including recommendations on how to incorporate our toys into lesson plans. Our team of educational experts can provide guidance on integrating specific toys into various subjects and learning objectives.

To receive recommendations tailored to your needs, please reach out to our customer support or dedicated education support team. Provide them with details about the subjects, grade level, and specific learning goals you want to address. They will be happy to offer suggestions and share ideas on how our toys can be effectively utilized within your lesson plans, ensuring meaningful and engaging learning experiences for your students.

We take pride in the quality of our toys for educators. In case of any manufacturing defects or issues, we offer a warranty period for our products. The specific duration of the warranty may vary depending on the product.

For returns, we have a customer-friendly return policy. If you receive a damaged or defective product, please contact our customer support within a specified timeframe from the date of purchase. Our team will guide you through the return process and provide a resolution, which may include a replacement or refund based on the circumstances.

Please note that our warranty and return policy may have certain terms and conditions that apply. For detailed information regarding warranty coverage and return procedures, we recommend reaching out to our customer support team. They will be happy to assist you and provide the necessary information.

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