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Welcome to our Spatial Awareness Toys Wholesale Store! We offer a diverse range of toys that promote spatial awareness in children. From puzzles and building blocks to spatial reasoning games and manipulatives, our collection provides engaging and educational opportunities for developing spatial skills. Explore our store and inspire spatial awareness in children today!

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When a child’s development encounters spatial awareness problems, manifested as impaired spatial awareness, difficulty with spatial awareness, spatial awareness disorder, poor spatial awareness or even losing spatial awareness, no spatial awareness, effective measures such as timely treatment and training are needed, if you need Spatial Awareness Toys For sensory toys, we can provide you with a full range of sensory products, teacher training, gameplay tutorials and other services.

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Embark on your Spatial Awareness Toys project with us! Our carefully curated collection features a wide array of toys designed to enhance spatial awareness in children. From interactive puzzles to 3D building sets, our toys offer engaging and educational experiences that foster spatial thinking and problem-solving skills. Join us in promoting spatial awareness and cognitive development through play.

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Experience the power of custom Spatial Awareness Toys! Our team specializes in creating personalized toys and games tailored to enhance spatial awareness skills. From customized puzzles to interactive maps, our products engage and educate, promoting spatial thinking and problem-solving abilities. Unlock the potential of spatial awareness with our custom toys today!

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Discover affordable Spatial Awareness Toys that don't compromise on quality! Our collection offers a wide range of budget-friendly options, including puzzles, building blocks, and spatial reasoning games. These toys are designed to promote spatial awareness and cognitive development while being accessible for every budget. Explore our affordable options and inspire spatial thinking today!

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Exciting news! We are offering free Spatial Awareness Toys samples! Experience the benefits of our toys firsthand by requesting your free samples today. Our collection includes puzzles, spatial games, and manipulatives that enhance spatial awareness skills in children. Limited quantities available, so don't miss out on this opportunity to receive free Spatial Awareness Toys!

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粗大运动技能示例 婴儿/粗大运动技能示例 幼儿期/粗大运动技能示例 学龄前儿童/粗大运动技能示例 学龄期

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I’m an adult on the autism spectrum….
When I put the vest on, it feels like I’m getting the best hug ever.


The Chillspa and Action Rooms are helping our students with self regulation, which then carries over into the classroom learning.

Beverly Bernstein
OROT Educational Director

We always have a great experience with Fun and Function and refer parents to your site. Most of all, we love your weighted compression vest since we see the biggest change when kids wear it.

Melinda Lunn, OTR/L
Cross Therapy Services, Fayetteville, AK


Spatial awareness refers to the ability to perceive and understand the relationship between oneself and the surrounding space. It involves being aware of the position, orientation, and movement of objects and oneself in relation to the environment. Spatial awareness skills allow individuals to navigate, judge distances, manipulate objects, and have a sense of perspective. They play a vital role in various activities, such as driving, sports, problem-solving, and interpreting maps or diagrams.

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